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Hospice Care for PetsAnnouncementWe'd like to share information about a new support group for people who have pets dealing with age related issues, chronic or terminal disease. The Halo Support Group is meeting at least twice monthly, with alternating meetings for people with cats or people with dogs. Please visit www.petsupportgroup.com for more information.

Hospice is about Living. It is about loving and giving and enjoying the time you have left with your pet to the fullest extent possible.  Generally families utilizing our Pet Hospice Service are facing a terminal diagnosis for their pet, or the inevitable loss of their pet due to age.....usually within weeks or 3-4 months.

Our pet hospice service is customized to the needs of your pet and your family.  Our doctors and veterinary nurses have a deep interest in providing care for senior or terminally ill pets nearing their end of life.

Hospice care can help improve the quality of life for your cat or dog during this time in their life.  It's not intended to be a life extension, although that can be a part of it.  Pet hospice care at home is about keeping your dog or cat comfortable in their familiar surroundings, treating pain, and giving their family the tools to care for them effectively.  It is about the family as a whole, and the human-animal bond.

Some of the issues that our Pet Hospice Service addresses are:

  1. Pain - our doctors are highly experienced in dealing with all types of pain
  2. Hydration
  3. Nausea and appetite
  4. Hygiene - elimination issues for dogs and cats at the end of their lives are very common
  5. Mobility and logistics - especially for large dogs
  6. Emotional stress and enrichment
  7. Quality of Life Assessments
  8. Environmental optimization - simple changes that can be made to your pet's living space
  9. Support for the family - logistical and emotional, and referral to pet loss professionals if desired
  10. End of life - issues surrounding your pet's death - whether through natural death or, more commonly, euthanasia.
  11. Planning for aftercare.

Please feel free to contact us if you are curious if hospice is right for your situation.