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Caring Cat Euthanasia | Lake Oswego

When you call At Home Veterinary Services to discuss euthanasia, we will always be compassionate and understanding.  Being pet owners ourselves, we’ve experienced the difficulty of making that decision and the grief of losing our personal cats.

It’s never easy, but in home euthanasia is a gift that you can give your pet that allows them to be at home, in familiar surroundings, without making a trip in a carrier to a vet clinic.  Everyone’s stress is reduced, and you will be able to say goodbye in a place that means something to both you and your cat.

We recommend visiting our main pet euthanasia page, which is dedicated to helping those who are dealing with pet loss.  The information is meant to help you answer questions about the process, give supporting information about dealing with grief, and additional information about quality of life assessments and pet hospice care.

When is Home Euthanasia Right for My Cat?

There is no perfect answer to this.  It's often very difficult to know when the "right" time is to say good-bye.  Other times, you often see signs that are obvious.  If you aren't sure, you may want to consider a Quality of Life Assessment to help you.  The assessments are not only a comprehensive (yet gentle) examination, but also a long discussion about behavior, comfort, pain and any effects of their health on you.

The assessment will provide you with a great deal of information and may help making a decision regarding hospice care (as long as it maintains a good quality of life) and euthanasia.

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