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Lake Oswego and surrounding areas.

We understand it isn’t easy discussing euthanasia for your beloved pet.  We will always be compassionate and understanding when you call us with your questions or to set up an appointment.

Euthanasia in the home allows you and your pet to stay in familiar surroundings.   It reduces stress, and while still heartbreaking, it provides an atmosphere that cannot be achieved in a clinic.

We recommend that you visit our main pet euthanasia page which will answer many of the questions you might have about pet euthanasia, and we invite you to explore some of the other information to assist you such as the euthanasia process, preparing, and grief support.

Deciding on the Right Time

As an owner, you know your pet the best.  Dogs and cats can both be adept at hiding pain, but other times it can be very visible.  We understand that you may not know if it is the right time or not.  When you call us, we will ask you questions about your pet’s condition, which gives you an opportunity verbalize and consider their situation.

If you just aren’t sure, we can schedule an in-home Quality of Life Assessment.  The doctor would come to your home and evaluate the current condition of your pet, which may help confirm that it is time to let them go, or occasionally, the doctor may find a condition that may be treatable and improve your pet’s quality of life.

We have a special interest in geriatric pets, and some pets can see remarkable improvement with regular pain management.  We promise to be honest with you and give you our opinion about the quality of life your pet is experiencing, whether it is good news or not.

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