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Are We Right for You and Your Pet?

We welcome everyone who is interested in home veterinary house calls, but generally our clients are looking for something beyond standard wellness exams and vaccines.

Here are some of the reasons people choose At Home Veterinary Services:

  • Longer exam and discussion times with the option of extended consultations with the veterinarian are important to most of our clients.
  • Our clients love having a doctor and technician dedicated to them and their pet for the entire length of their visit.
  • Some of our clients are interested in alternative therapies we provide such as acupuncture and therapy laser.
  • Our clients want the extra time and attention paid to their pet who has been diagnosed with a chronic illness (such as kidney disease, diabetes, arthritis, hyperthyroid, or other conditions).
  • Pets who have a terminal disease require special attention, and our clients are interested in pain control and maximizing their pet's quality of life.
  • Frequent communication is important for some of our clients who appreciate that our doctors are available through e-mail.
  • The availability of certified veterinary technicians who can visit between doctor appointments is very important to some of our clients whose pet may need extra attention or treatments.
  • Many of our clients have a pet that gets very anxious or stressed when traveling or when inside a traditional veterinary clinic, and they appreciate that can be avoided with a home visit.
  • Our clients appreciate that in-home x-ray, and other services found in traditional clinics can be done in their home,

If the bullet points above resonate with you, then we might be right for you!  You may have other reasons you are interested in a home visit, and we'd love to answer any questions you might have.

If you would like some additional information, please continue browse our website or feel free to contact us and we will take as much time as you need to learn more about what we provide.