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In Home Veterinary Examinations

We provide care for sick pets and healthy pets including exams, vaccines and preventative care for dogs and cats of all ages, but we hold a special place in our hearts for geriatric or senior aged pets who need extra special care.  We also work with many pets who have chronic conditions such as arthritis, kidney disease, diabetes or other issues, such as stress or anxiety when traveling to or visiting a traditional veterinary clinic.

Preventative Care for Dogs and Cats

A dog and cat comfortable at home with veterinary services.Preventative care exams  are sometimes referred to as "wellness exams," or "annual exams" and are for pets who are apparently healthy.  Regular wellness exams are very important to prevent disease and maintain your pet's health as they age.

Preventative care includes a comprehensive evaluation from "nose to tail" and often includes recommended vaccines for your cat or dog.  Depending on your pet's age and condition, labwork may be recommended, especially for older pets who may be prone to certain diseases or conditions.

Annual or bi-annual exams and preventative care may help the the prevention of disease or lead to early diagnosis and treatment of disease, which could be much less expensive and emotionally traumatic than a mid or late stage diagnosis that may require more aggressive treatment or surgery.

During our house calls, our veterinarians will spend about 40 minutes with you discussing your pet's health during the examination.  Giving you more face to face time with our veterinarians is one of the things that set our services apart from most traditional clinics.

Wellness Exam Frequency

Your doctor will discuss with you how often she recommends a wellness exam.  Generally, for puppies and kittens, monthly visits during the first few months of life may be recommended.  Adult pets generally only need to be seen once per year, but dogs or cats who have chronic conditions, or who are geriatric, should probably be seen twice per year.

Caring for Senior Pets

Senior pets hold a very special place in our hearts.  Almost 50% of the pets we see are "senior" or "geriatric" in age.  Our veterinarians and technicians love these older pets and we've made them one of the main focuses of our practice.

Senior dog resting in the yard waiting to be seen by at home veterinarian.If appropriate, we can teach you how to:

  • Modify your home
  • Adjust their diet
  • Administer fluids
  • Monitor their Quality of Life
  • Fit for a harness (to assist with standing/walking)

Pets give us such joy as they age.  When they are younger and full of energy they are able to provide you with great companionship and are very interactive.  As they age, they may slow down a bit, they may cuddle a bit more, sleep a little longer and have a harder time getting around, but above all, the sweet disposition of an older pet really gives us great comfort.  It's during these later years when we really have an opportunity to give back to them.

Our pets don't ask us for anything (other than giving us "that look" for their favorite treat), but older pets often need our assistance in many areas to help them maintain a healthy and happy life.  Caring for an older pet gives pet lovers the opportunity to really give back all that unconditional love they have received from their pet by administering fluids, providing pain relief, appropriate food, using a harness to help them walk, or whatever might be the case.  They'll never ask you for help, but your help will be greatly appreciated.


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