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Dealing with Illness, Disease and Injuries 

One of the things we love about in home care is that when your pet isn't feeling quite right, you may not have to transport them anywhere to be examined.

We will come to your home and they can relax on their favorite bed until it's time for their exam (the exam might even be able to happen right there, depending on their situation and the symptoms).

Illness & Disease

It's important that when you notice something that is out of the ordinary that you contact us.  Sometimes, you may not need an appointment, other times we may want to see you as soon as possible.  Since animals can't speak and tell you what may be wrong, it's important for you to be familiar with common signs and symptoms of illness and disease.

If are seeing some signs that may indicate a problem, please call us for an appointment.   We have a great deal of information about common illnesses and symptoms on our Dog Illness & Disease and Cat Illness & Disease pages.  These pages do not give medical advice, but they may help you when trying to determine if you should call us for an appointment or consultation.  Please, do not try to diagnose or treat a particular disease on your own.


If you feel your pet may be experiencing an emergency, please visit our emergency information page for locations, directions and hours of local emergency hospitals.  There is also some information about what signs may indicate an emergency or urgent situation.  When in doubt, please call or visit one of the area's emergency clinics.

Traumatic Injuries

Traumatic injuries, such as lacerations, puncture wounds, broken bones or internal injury from a traumatic event are usually emergencies, and you should take your pet to an emergency clinic immediately.

Some minor wounds may not be an emergent need, but we recommend that you seek veterinary assistance for minor wounds immediately to reduce the chance of infection or other complications and ensure there is no additional trauma.

More information may be found on our Traumatic Injury Information page.

Behavioral Issues

Sudden behavioral issues may be a result of underlying problems, such as injuries, illness or disease.  Behavioral issues that are not sudden may be related to poor socialization and training, genetics, or other factors.

If your pet's behavior changes suddenly, please call us for an appointment.  Examples might be for cats, urinating outside the litter pan, or reclusive/hiding behavior, and for dogs it may be appearing depressed or aggressive.  It is important to have your pet evaluated if there is a sudden change in their behavior to determine if a serious health issue is the cause.

If you pet has had long term behavioral issues, we may also be able to assist.  Sometimes an evaluation of the pet's home and living area can reveal issues.  There also may be some recommended socialization practices or medication that may help.

We may also refer you to a veterinarian who specializes in behavior who will work closely with you and our team to help your pet.


Traumatic Injuries

Dog Illness & Disease

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