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Aftercare Options for your Pet

We will help you navigate your options for caring for your pet's body after he or she has passed away.  This is a difficult and emotional time......some questions to consider are:

  • Do I need some time alone with my pet immediately after they have passed away?  Do I just need a few moments alone or will I want to keep my pet's body to "lie in state"? Will it be important to me that I have the ritual of burying them or of driving them to the cremation facility myself?
    • Most of the time pet owner's elect for us to take their pet with us after a few moments alone with them (and we are happy to step outside during this time).  If you would like to keep your pet's body for you to make your own arrangements, (or possibly for us to pick up later, that can be accommodated with some advance planning), that is possible and a good option for some.
  • Is it important to me that my pet be cremated individually so that I can get their ashes or "cremains" back after cremation?
    • If you would like your pet to be individually cremated (often referred to as a "private" cremation), we can take your pet with us to make those arrangements. We use and trust Family Animal Services in Portland and have complete confidence that your pet's body will be handled with respect, dignity and the utmost of care.  You are welcome to tour their facility ahead of time or ask any questions you might have.  There are also several other very excellent pet cremation places in and around Portland should you wish to make your own arrangements.
    • If, however, you don't wish to have your pet's ashes available to you after cremation, you may choose a "communal" cremation. Your pet's remains will still be treated with care and respect through the entire process.

Once you have said your good-bye's and are ready for us to move your pet's remains from your home, we will carefully wrap them in a soft blanket and carry them to our vehicle.  For medium sized and large dogs we have a stretcher that we will use to carefully accomplish this.  You may include any toys or flowers or other mementos that you wish and you are welcome to accompany us out to the vehicle if you would like.

Whichever type of cremation you choose, your pet's body will be lovingly and respectfully handled as we transport it to be received by the cremation facility.  As with the rest of the euthanasia process, we take great care in tending to the aftercare of your pet's remains with dignity and love, and fully respect how important this is.

If you would like some ideas of ways to memorialize your pet, we have compiled some options on our Memorializing page

If you need support after (or before) the loss of your pet, you may want to read our Grief Support page.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions. We are here to help.


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