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In Home Pet Euthanasia-Portland Metro AreaAnnouncementWe'd like to share information about a new support group for people who have pets dealing with age related issues, chronic or terminal disease. The Halo Support Group is meeting at least twice monthly, with alternating meetings for people with cats or people with dogs. Please visit www.petsupportgroup.com for more information.

From the moment you initially call us, assisting you will be our first priority.  If you prefer e-mail contact, you will receive the same dedicated attention.  Our goal is to surround you with support as you consider euthanasia for your cat or dog.

With respect and empathy, we will provide guidance for you and compassionate assistance for your beloved pet.  We are caring and discreet, and will allow you and your pet to say good-bye on your terms, in the comfortable and familiar surroundings you choose.

In your home, your back yard, on a favorite bed, in a local park, or wherever you feel your pet would be most at peace, we will be there for you and your dog or cat.

Image of man and dog on the in home pet euthanasia page.Making a Decision about Pet Euthanasia

Sometimes the decision about euthanasia seems an impossible one.  We love our pets dearly, and want to do the right thing. We all want to pick the best time to say good-bye - not too soon, not too late.  Sometimes the decision seems obvious and it is clear that the time for euthanasia has arrived.  Other times you may need help assessing the timing or discovering if there are other viable options. We have helped thousands of people through this decision making process, and  we can likely help you too.

Euthanasia Process

Euthanasia Preparation

Grief Support

Euthanasia Fees

Knowing When it is the "Right" Time

Every situation is different.  There are many factors to be considered: your pet's current quality of life, the likelihood that the quality can be significantly improved, and the philosophy and past experiences of the family.  Many issues may be intertwined.

Some points to consider:

A dog looking forward.  It's hard to decide when the right time to consider euthanasia might be.Gathering More Information

Every family and situation is different, but you may want consider some of the following steps.

Please don't hesitate to call us to talk about your decision, to ask for help and options, and to use us as a resource for your initial information gathering.  We know that it often is a multi-step process to make the final decision.  Tentative, initial inquiries are welcome, and we will do our best to clarify any questions you may have.