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Quality of Life Assessment Fees

You may want to also visit our General Fees Page for additional information about our fees.

Quality of Life House Call and Exam Fees

The travel fee for a doctor and technician to come to your home is $85 to $115 depending on your address.

The travel fee is separate from the examination and consultation fees below.

Quality of Life Assessment and Consultation - 60+ Minutes

  • $180 which includes:
    • Travel to your home by one of our veterinarians and one of our nurses.
    • A comprehensive and in depth patient history.
    • A thorough (yet gentle!) examination by one of our highly experienced doctors. (We are especially skilled at assessing all of the issues your pet faces to provide a full picture of the current medical situation.)
    • A discussion and evaluation of your pet's Quality of Life based on a Quality of Life scale.
    • A discussion of your current options (euthanasia, hospice, more diagnostics, palliative care or maybe other treatment), and the factors that may influence your decision one way or another.
    • Our doctors and technicians will use this time with you and your pet to not only assess their comfort, but also how it effects you.
    • A follow up phone call to answer any questions that may have come up since the appointment.
  • Additional consultation time is charged at $45 every 15 minutes.
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