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We would love to help you and your pet have the best quality of life possible.  On this page you can read what many of our clients have written about our services.

Below are quotes that our clients have written about us, and to the right, you will see links to sites where you can read more reviews on popular review sites.

"On top of first-rate medical care, we've never met more compassionate and caring vets and staff in all the years we've been adopting and caring for cats. Honestly, I feel more like a friend than a client.  As long as this practice exists, we will be loyal clients. And we'll continue to recommend them to anyone looking for a vet they can trust with their furry (or not so furry) loved ones." - Jody K.

"They are true animal lovers - caring about their craft and patients (pets and people). Dr. Dillon and Jenn are my primaries, and finding an in-home vet is a huge relief. It puts our anipals at ease, and to watch Dr. Dillon and Jenn play with our pets like they're their own is magical."


"I honestly find the prices to be very good - you pay a small premium to have them in your home, but they spend oodles of time to ensure your pets are healthy and happy." -Ryan E.

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“Absolutely no better option than working with you. I always feel the team to be quick, knowledgeable, very friendly and empathetic, and am able to get a visit when I need it. It means alot to me that the team is so self contained with nearly everything they need for many situations. I will never take my pets to a brick and mortar vet again.” - Diana S

"I can't say enough good words about Dr. Mesher and Dr. Dillon.  They both treated my elderly cat Zoya before she died last June.  After her passing, Dr. Mesher was kind to give me an hour of her time talking me down because I was so distraught.  I think of them both as my "home vets" and will call them for future issues with my remaining two cats.  Friendly, competent, compassionate and affordable home vet service - the best!  (please be aware that any home vet will cost more than a brick-and-mortar vet office, but the ease and comfort of your animals is the reward.)" - Mary B.

Dr Louise Mesher and her team are THE BEST around ... ever! They have to handle my very temperamental 15yr old with grace (in which they do) god bless them! Sandals had a VERY bad experience early on by another vet and unfortunately remembers all to well ... only to take it out on any other person with a stethoscope! Dr Mesher and her team have been wonderful, honest and very compassionate and I would highly recommend them as your future vet!!!  - Robyn S.

“I cannot recommend them highly enough..not only are they efficient, on time, and fair with their pricing etc., they really LOVE your pets and interact with them. My boys used to shake and quiver when going to the vet. Now they hear Dr.Mesher’s voice (or the other women on the staff) as they arrive they are all excited and run out to greet their ‘visitors”. They spend a lot of time and my pets just think they are having a fun is the genuine love for animals that makes me love At Home Vet so much!” - Kathy M.

“We would like to thank you so very much for the loving care you provided  while helping Bob leave this world. Your support, compassion and gentle  kindness were so very appreciated and it was so beautiful to see Bob go  with peace and dignity. We are so grateful to have found you and so very  glad you were part of our lives at a time when we needed someone who  understood and respected our wishes and decisions. You are both amazing  people and our beloved animals are so very lucky for the care and  expertise you bring to your work.” -Tom, Diana & Oedipus

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